Hong Airport in 2022

While the world is slowly moving on, Hong Kong still has strict rules and protocols to minimise covid. These rules all inbound travellers must adhere to. Like staying in a compulsory hotel quarantine for fully vaccinated individuals for seven days etc.

A few days ago, I landed at Hongkong international airport and had to go through a series of events like getting tests done and showcasing a myriad of documents. In addition, there was a whole lot of walking within the airport and no place to sit in between. Indeed, it became quite hectic at the end of it.

After everything was done, I remembered how stressed I was in preparing all the documents and getting them right. Especially keeping that in mind, I tried to capture the whole scenario and procedure, that I had gone through. And here it is


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Save this post as I will keep adding heaps of information in this post in the coming months.


Effective from 12th August 2022, Quarantine has been reduced from seven to three days. 

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